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  • We contributed maps and information graphics to the new edition of the National Geographic Atlas of the World. The spread on human migration explores various forces that cause people to flee hardship and crisis.

  • Australia has the fastest-growing rate of obesity in the world. The map of Australia shows the geographic trend of adult obesity in Australia.

  • vW Maps is proud to have made many maps for Christie’s Encyclopedia of Champagne and Sparkling Wine.

  • Overlaying vineyard locations on a map of Bureau of Meteorology climate data provides insights into wine qualities. The climate maps from the Tasmania Wine & Gastronomy Map have been reproduced at one square metre each on the walls of a noted winery restaurant in the Tamar Valley.

  • Complex data should be represented so that they’re easy to grasp, not stupefyingly confusing. Making the difficult look effortless is the essence of good information design and the aim of vW Maps.

  • Simplifying many classes of geologic data and overlaying the vineyard locations reveals how erosion has produced the highly-valued terra rossa of Heathcote

  • A map for Australian Geographic magazine required a layering of different data sets to show the increasing stress that human activity is bringing onto areas of environmental sensitivity.