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1992 Moto Guzzi 1000S
With a lovely set of Aussie-made Staintune exhausts, the Goose is running great.

David and I going out for a ride from Olinda. The roads in the Dandenongs are fabulous.... until the Melbournians come up for their dirty weekends and clog the roads.

It was a little emotionally overwhelming for me.

David and I were out for a ride in mid-August. Here we're on our way back towards Yea. It was a grueling 450 kms which included a harrowing section on a dirt road around a reservoir. It took us almost two hours to do a 61 km stretch, and in that time we only came across 2 other vehicles. When the road was actually paved, it had a green shimmer to it from all the moss on the road surface! But we managed to stay upright.

1992 Moto Guzzi 1000S
It's fixed and it's lovely.

That's David, Kath's cousin's husband. He's got a relatively new BMW R1150 of some sort.

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