The Wine Map of Australia by Max Allen

Wine Map of Australia

The Wine Map of Australia by Max Allen

With text by leading Australian wine writer Max Allen, this map shows the precise locations of the country’s 4500-plus vineyards, mapped by industry leaders, VineFinders™. The map is printed on 100% recycled stock, using metallic ink to beautifully highlight the landforms, helping both to define the topography and differentiate the wine regions.

We’ve seriously been looking for a map like this since we started our adventure! Absolutely awesome — made us realise we’ve got to get the kombi into gear. —The Qwoff Boys

Max Allen writes in the map’s introduction:

“Ever since European settlers first poked a few fragile young grapevines into Australian soil in the late 1700s, generation after generation of pioneers and prospectors have coaxed flavour from the land. Over the centuries, many deliciously distinctive wines have emerged, from fine and delicate sparkling wine on the windswept coast of Tasmania to dark and treacly fortified wines in the hot inland vineyards of Rutherglen. Our map charts these unique combinations of country, climate and culture.”

The map, published in 2010, is available folded, laminated, or flat (rolled) from the on-line store at Cardwell Cellars in Melbourne, Australia.

For sales outside of Australia, please contact the publisher at vW Maps.

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