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Accurate Beautiful Convincing


The work of vW Maps has appeared in magazines, books, and websites, on police dispatch center walls, carved in granite in public parks, as premiums for National Public Radio pledge drives, and in countless automobiles across Australia and the United States.

When Martin von Wyss founded vW Maps in 2004, he had a decade of professional experience in map design and map publishing. An early adopter of emerging interactive technologies, Martin designed the first animated maps for a major consumer software product and authored one of the earliest journal articles on multimedia maps. Martin’s animated work has been seen on television as part of the American Experience series produced by WGBH of Boston. Martin also served as the Digital Cartography Specialist at The Harvard Map Collection from 1998 to 2001.

Though a leader in the area of interactive maps, vW Maps retains a love of traditional mapmaking—bringing all the lessons learned from new media formats and advanced data visualisation strategies to bear on the crafting of beautiful, convincing printed maps.

The trust vW Maps has earned from our very diverse and demanding client base is the result of the way we work. Endlessly fascinated by each client puzzle and its specific objectives, we work systematically and strategically to find an absolutely pure and absolutely focused approach to communicating essential, spatial information to well-defined audiences.

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