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Martin von Wyss

Founder and President of vW Maps Pty Ltd, Martin has twenty years of experience in map design and map publishing. In 1994 he earned his Masters degree in Geography from the Pennsylvania State University in the United States. His experience designing the first animated maps for a major consumer software product, The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, led to the publication of an early journal article on multimedia maps. Martin’s animated maps have been seen on television as part of the American Experience series produced by WGBH of Boston. His interactive maps are incorporated in an app and websites of the National Geographic Society as well as Compton’s Interactive World Atlas and many other websites and digital products.

Among the clients for his printed maps are Melbourne University Publishing, Penguin Books Australia, Houghton Mifflin Inc. of Boston, The Johns Hopkins University Press of Maryland, and Sky Publishing of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Map publishers that have hired Martin include Hema Maps of Brisbane, Meridian Maps of Melbourne, and Equator Graphics (now International Mapping Associates) of Silver Spring, Maryland. His maps have appeared in magazines, books, websites, on a police dispatch center wall, and carved in granite in a public park. Between 2004 and 2014 he sold over 60,000 copies of his self-published The NPR Map, a map of a radio network in the United States. His most recent publications are The Gin & Botanicals Map of Australia and New Zealand and a series of Australian Wine Maps co-authored by preeminent wine writers Max Allen and Graeme Phillips.

Martin is a Cartographic Editor of the Journal of Maps.
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