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Tibet on the Himalayan Plateau

Tibet on the Himalayan Plateau

In 1994 Martin von Wyss was commissioned by the International Campaign for Tibet to make a map showing the traditional limits of the Tibetan people. Compiled from historic and contemporary sources, Martin’s map was one of the earliest maps of Tibet on the internet and it can still be found on or linked from many internet websites. PBS’s Frontline added it as reference material for the 1995 show on Dreams of Tibet.

The map has appeared in the following books and magazines:

  • Over the Mountains: Two Tibetan Girls Journey Toward Hope by Eleanor L. Morse, Fox Print Books
  • “The Cold River Review”, literary and graphic arts quarterly
  • “Buddhism Today”, Diamond Way Buddhist Centers
  • “Mandala” Special Issue 2000, Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition