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This animated map movie is a detailed introduction to the vineyards of Beechworth, a small but prestigious wine region in Victoria. The narration explains what distinguishes the vineyards using text provided by the association’s 25 members.

The video comprises “a fantastic DVD of the region from an aerial viewpoint, moving vineyard to vineyard and explaining the terroir of each. No wanky shots of vineyards, grinning winemakers with purple hands or dogs doing tricks; it’s brilliant. TKR sends congratulations.” — Tony Keys, The Key Report, 15 November 2012.

A two-fold exaggeration of the relief accentuates the effect of slope and aspect, two important factors that determine how much sun and wind a site receives and how well the soil drains. Watch to learn how the geography of Beechworth creates some of Australia’s finest wines. The featured growers and winemakers are Castagna, Giaconda, Fighting Gully Road, Analemma, Indigo Vineyard, Battely, Sorrenberg, Amulet, Vinelea, Savaterre, Bowman’s Run, Piano Piano, Tinker’s Hill, Serengale, Wahlquist Vineyard, Meeting of Minds, Warner Vineyard, Golden Ball, Weeping Grass Creek, Coats and Keith, The Ninth Mile, Pennyweight, Oxenbury Vineyard and Haldon Vineyard.

Video Production by Julian Castagna and Editing by ESP Productions.