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Installation of 3d Terrain Model; photo by Ewin Wood

Installation by National Park staff

Litchfield National Park, just south of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory, comprises a grassy, sandstone tableland with waterfalls and monsoon rainforest tucked in its escarpments. The dramatic landscape around the edge of the plateau makes the place a fascinating subject for a landscape model.

After digitally mapping this tropical terrain, vW Maps sent the terrain model to 3d specialists RapidPro who printed the model in pieces using cutting-edge 3d printing techniques. Natural History Productions of Darwin then assembled the pieces, rendered the landscape as a solid piece of plaster, and polished and painted the model as a hexagonal relief map of the park measuring 1.2 metres in diameter. It was installed in the very popular information shelter at Tolmer Falls by National Parks staff.

Read more details from Natural History Productions.

The 3d printed pieces assembled; photo by Ewin Wood

3d pieces assembled

The rivers are key features of the landscape; photo by Ewin Wood

Etching rivers

Final relief model, 1.2 metres in diameter; photo by Ewin Wood

Final model