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We’re in the middle of a fascinating period of global automotive manufacturing. Opportunists win political office in industrialised nations by promising to bring work back to their shores even though overseas companies can boast high-quality manufacturing and assembly at a fraction of the labor cost.

This is an admittedly incomplete representation of a dynamic industry. We’ve chosen not to show the many brands of scooters. And we couldn’t hope to list all the OEM suppliers. But we’d appreciate your letting us know of glaring omissions. Click OK below and drag to interrogate or view a larger version.

Cover photo by Bill Burke.


1 Comment

  • Comment by Bill Burke — 19/01/2018 @ 12:11 pm

    [The photo is of my] Harley made in USA modified to look like it was made in England 65 yers ago
    Ducati, Guzzi, Aermacchi made in Italy
    KTM Made in Austria, though the 390s are made in India
    NSU form Germany
    Triumph Street Triple, possibly assembled in Thailand or OZ

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