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A walking tour of Melbourne ended at the Eureka Tower

Five ministers from the Federal Assembly, or Parliament of Switzerland, and the Ambassador of Switzerland to Australia came to Melbourne for a one-day visit in early 2018. The Honorary Consul, Manuela Erb, commissioned a map of a tour through the city and wanted a printed map so that the visitors at the back of the group could read the map even if they couldn’t hear the tour guide. We put the map together in two days.

The majority of the data on the map came from the City of Melbourne’s Open Data portal which has won deserved accolades in the international press, not least because its trees send emails to their fans. The river’s edge and rail lines were acquired from Vicmap. Buildings visited by the tour are highlighted. All data are used under the Creative Commons Licence, CC BY 3.0 AU.

No points for guessing what typeface we used on the map!

Pedestrian amenities featured